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Our courses are designed to identify opportunities to build organizational change, where inclusion and belonging are core values. If you want equitable policies and practices embedded in your organization, our IDPI courses will help you achieve your goals.


Impact of Unconscious and Implicit Bias

Realize the impact of decisions based on bias and learn the needed steps to reduce them.


Unlearning Racism And Understanding Anti Racism

Explore the sociological perspectives that impact negative perceptions on race and identity.


Leading A Consciously Inclusive Organization

Conscious inclusion begins with empathy, emotional awareness and strategy.

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Creating a culture where psychological safety thrives

Psychological safety values equity, and inclusion because employees can exhibit their social identities without judgment or discrimination.

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Ensuring Equity in the workplace

Leaders who want an equitable organization utilize tools to mitigate the biases in their policies.

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Dismantling systems that uphold discrimination

Explore the systems that support discrimination, which will help us understand how to dismantle them.

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Advocacy and Sponsorship

Help open doors for employee development, build their network and advocate for greater inclusion.


Designing your supplier diversity program

Highlight the need for diverse suppliers and establish a road map to ensure diversity within the program.